Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Checking two websites for kids

Title: ESL-KIDS.com
Description: This is a website for foreign language teachers. Thedesign is o.k. It is very easy to navigate and features like colors and letters in different sizes make reading fun and light. About thecontent, this site provides activities like flashcards, games, worksheets and songs that help teachers to create amazing lessons for kids who are learning English, Spanish and even Korean. ESL-KIDS.com is free but also links with other sites even more structured, only for members. Regarding credibility, this page is sponsored by several organizations but the copyrights belong to one person. I could not find his contact information. I have used this site in the past because it is easy to find what I need for my lessons, and it’s great for accommodations. About technical elements, I can say that connection is quick, all links work and graphics download easy.

Title: IXL.Math
Description: This is a site for Math teachers, students and parents. Its design offers interactivity and it is really fun; good use of graphics and colors.   The content is current and reliable. It is easy to navigate and provides contents for math P-K through eight grades, which are updated. Students can practice, understand concepts at their own pace, get feedback, and practice at home. For teachers is ideal since they can get a membership for their classrooms. For parents it is great since the company send every week a report of progress and time at work. About credibility, this site belongs to a company, which have another line of educational products; the contact information is available.  I believe this site really meets the needs of the target audience. About technical elements, I found it runs fast in my computer, graphics download quickly; it is easy to follow even for little children because exercises have the audio mode. 

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